Forever Friends

I grew up always having a group of girls around me to share life's moments with. Whether it was National Charity League and volunteering with my closest friends or Wranglerettes, my high school dance team, I had that solid group of girls around me. When I got to college I was so afraid of losing that and not being able to find it as easily as before. I looked around at spirit groups, but ultimately felt like Royals provided me with that group of girls I could call forever friends. I am a mechanical engineering major and knew I wanted to be surrounded by diversity when it came to choosing a spirit group. The range of personalities and majors drew me in and I knew I was going to be surrounded by amazing and interesting people throughout my time at UT. We all mesh so well and it has made campus feel a little smaller, always having a familiar face to wave to as you walk down Speedway.

Even though I had friends throughout high school, I was definitely shy. Joining Royals has pulled me out of my shell, gotten me to explore different opportunities, adventure through Austin, and overall made me a more outgoing person. It has truly given me friendships that will last a lifetime. I mean, they always say you find your bridesmaids in college and I could definitely see myself have a "Royal" wedding! It has given me a home and a family. I know I have plenty of shoulders to cry on, study buddies, and girls that can make me buckle over in laughter. Joining Texas Royals was easily one of the best decisions I made in college and I don't know where I would be without these amazing girls.

Hannah Bickham || Fall 2019 Secretary