You Can Have It All

As soon as I got to UT, I knew I wanted to be part of some organization. I didn't know what kind of organization I was interested in, but I knew I just wanted to meet more people and build new friendships. I heard about Texas Royals, when a really close family friend, Luisa Silva, told me about it. She said that it was a great opportunity to meet girls and to volunteer, which is always something people are looking at in your resume. In my mind, I thought it was too much of a commitment; I was already taking 15 hours and didn't want that to affect my grades. When I came to orientation, I walked past the Royals' table, and the girls were super cool and super chill. They told me that if i were to be part of the org, that it would help me make friendships while I was serving the community; I think that was the part that really got me.

My jewel semester was everything a freshman could dream of! I met the coolest group of girls ever. Some of us are nearly the same person-- and others polar opposites; but we all get along and go out together, which is all I could ask for. One of my best friends that I met through Royals is Caitlyn Cottrell, we actually met at orientation, but I thought her and I would never be friends. Now, we are basically attached at the hip! I also met my co-social Brittany-- and we are actually the same person, that’s why she’s my co duh lol! Because I met these girls, I had to tell my childhood friend Marilia to join too, and she ended up being part of the spring 2018 jewel class, which only excited me even more. Royals helped me find my closest group of friends that not only help me in class and keep me motivated, but also call me on a Thursday night to go out! I am super glad I am part of this organization!

Carolina Vergara Silva || Fall 2018 Co-Social Chair