As one of the oldest remaining Royals in the bunch, my memories of this organization expand across almost the entirety of my college career. There isn’t a major life event that has happened without my fellow Royals in its proximity, whether it be a super fun weekend or an accomplishment, I celebrated with a handful of my friends. In particular, recruitment season every semester never fails to create some iconic moments that I’ll be holding on to for a long time.

Recruitment itself, the first time I entered Royals as a potential new member, was a mix of nerves and a whirlwind of events. Once on the other side, I found that doesn’t change even once you’re active. Now, 6 semesters in, I am a grizzled warrior who knows the ins and outs of the process— so much so that I’m serving as Recruitment Chair myself! My heart has always belonged to the recruitment process, but I’ll be honest— serving on recruitment committee and dedicating all the time and effort needed to run the process is no easy task. It requires an extra heap of patience, compassion, and enthusiasm unmatched at any other point in the semester.

But what exactly does a member of recruitment committee do? Well, more than you’d expect.

The first and arguably most important task set before a recruitment committee member is to put their faith in their chair. Every subsequent task delegated to them comes directly from the chair, and the mutual respect felt between the two ensures that everything runs smoothly. A committee member could be expected to do a variety of tasks, and often multiple at once. Between you and at most eight other women, you’re solely responsible for making sure recruitment happens, and that pressure only mounts as time goes on. Duties range between helping create the visual components to setting up the day’s physical activities. To spare you the details (and to keep some things a surprise) I count on my hands at least 35 other tasks spread between this small little subset of the org, and at least 50 more I’m sure would come up with a glass of wine and a notepad. And yes, you do find a way to make it all fun, but you also recognize the fact that it may not always be rainbows and roses. Sometimes you just want to lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and let whatever happens happen— but as a committee member, you find whatever willpower it takes to get up, get going, and participate, even if the task itself doesn’t feel very fulfilling.

A month will pass, and recruitment will be over. You may have residual paper cuts, run out of concealer, or some aches in your muscles from carrying the A frame across campus— but you’ll also have new additions to your campus family. You’ll get to witness their acceptance into our org with the understanding that it was specifically your efforts that helped it happen. And you may be tired, sure, but you’re also really, really proud of yourself. Recruitment committees are the very foundation of it all, and like a foundation, there’s weight added on top. However, once you understand that whatever you’re building can only exist upon a solid foundation, you find the value in what you’ve done. To be simplistic, it’s a lot. A lot a lot a lot. But seeing what you get in return, I think it’s all worth it.

Lindsay Wilson || Fall 2016 Jewel Class

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