When I transferred to UT from a small arts school in Boston, I was overwhelmed in so many ways. I went from being surrounded by the same group of people all the time to seeing thousands of new faces each day. My schoolwork demanded more time and attention than it ever had before. While I knew I wanted to branch out and meet new people, I was uncertain if I would find a place for myself in Royals. Before coming to an info session, I had no idea what a spirit group even was.

It didn’t take long for me to see what’s so special about Texas Royals. As soon as I walked into the info session, alone and nervous, the girls welcomed me and made me feel right at home. To my surprise, I stayed until the very end having great conversations with people who would soon become some of my closest friends. I left that night feeling so excited about the rest of my time at UT, which Royals has breathed a whole new life into.

Since becoming a part of this organization, I have met so many caring, hilarious, and intelligent women that have become dear friends. Together, we’ve had many wild nights, deep conversations, study sessions, slumber parties, etc. We even went on a spontaneous 10 hour road trip to Big Bend! At a place like UT, I know it’s easy to drown in schoolwork and neglect your social life. I’m so grateful that Royals helped me discover the importance of cultivating friendships and allowing myself to have some fun in the midst of all the madness. Approaching graduation this spring, I can see that it played a huge part in my personal development. I’m more at ease in new social settings than ever before, which makes connecting with new people a breeze. More importantly, I’ve found a support group that I know will be there for me no matter what.

Isabella Waltz || Fall 2016 Jewel Class

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