I joined Texas Royals last spring. It was my freshman year and my first semester— a lot to take in. I didn’t really meet many people and wasn’t sure how to get involved. After joining Royals, that all changed. I met some of my best friends and was constantly having activities to go to. What I think is so great about Royals is the large variety of opportunities that become open to you. There is truly something for everyone— from social to volunteer to spirit events. One of my favorite events from last semester was a date event to a Spurs basketball game in San Antonio. It was fun to go to a big sporting event with so many royals and get to sit court side as they warmed up. Next semester, I am really looking forward to our biggest fundraising event for our philanthropy which is our Dodging for DKR tournament held every spring. This is a really fun event where you get to get many people involved in something that really matters.

What I hear a lot from girls feeling unsure about joining a spirit group is that they are “just too busy” or “have no time”. Something that’s really nice about Royals is that it’s easy to fit in to any schedule. I was initially worried that joining would be too overwhelming and make me unable to focus on my studies. What I found was that Royals actually helped me in school! I often studied with other Royals and it gave me more of an incentive to manage my time better. When I had all my school assignments finished, I could go to as many events as I wanted, but if I had a busy week, I was completely able to stay in and study without feeling any pressure. Join Texas Royals— your GPA will thank you.

Brinnah Welmaker || Spring 2018 Jewel Class

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Mackenzie Finklea