My journey in Royals began last year: at the start of my freshman year. Since then, a lot has happened! I’ve met so many amazing and inspiring girls and have created memories that I already know will be highlights of my college experience.

I’ve also realized that Royals has allowed me to grow as a person. Royals has pushed me to be more involved on campus through community service and supporting different UT teams—all which made me feel more linked to other longhorns. It’s also urged me to come out of my shell and connect with our diverse network of over 100 members. Even just seeing a Royal on campus or in one of my classes makes campus feel much more like home to me.

Being part of the recruitment committee this past year has also given me a better understanding of the great lengths and effort our girls put into maintaining a reputable organization. It also gives me a new found appreciation for the values that make us so special. All of this, plus the friendships I’ve been able to make, have made such a positive impact in ways I hadn’t imagined when I first walked up to the Royals table on speedway as a confused freshmen.

Looking forward, I’m excited to continue to be involved, cultivate friendships, and create new experiences. Starting the semester off with recruitment is exciting enough; I love getting to know all the new members and welcome them into our sisterhood. Also since I’m planning on gaining a little this semester, I’m pumped to experience big-little reveal and the opportunity to get to mentor another member in the same way I was mentored and helped. Not to mention, there’s all the other events I can’t wait for: formal, sisterhood events, mixers and many more. With three semesters under my belt, it’s clear to me that Royals continues to be just as exciting as that first jewel semester. I can’t wait for what’s to come!

Juliana Parra || Fall 2017 Jewel Class

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