Before my freshman year began, I met three amazing girls who were tabling for Royals at orientation. It’s crazy to think that an entire year and a half later, these same girls are some of my best friends in Royals. After talking with them for about half an hour, I knew that I wanted to attend an info session once I started college. Since the first info session, I have continuously been reminded of how genuine and kind-hearted my fellow Royals are. I remember my first semester, I was trying to figure out how to balance a dance team, pre-med organization, volunteering, and research with Royals all the while still maintaining good grades; I remember feeling this huge wave of stress overtake me and wondering if I’d spread myself too thin.

Even though I couldn’t attend many events, so many members of my Jewel class would find ways to get to know me outside of the organization, and the exec board would make sure that I could be as involved as possible. This is only one example of the many times that Royals have been there for me and have supported me in all aspects of my life. Royals is a great organization that has positively impacted my life in so many ways. Having such a huge group of friends who constantly uplift me has not only made the huge UT campus seem so much smaller, but also has encouraged me to be the best version of myself.

From eating too much French toast at our brunches at the end of the semester to having too many wild nights during formal season, every memory spent with Royals is one that I cherish. I could not be more thankful to have found such a positive, diverse, and loving community full of the most empowering women you will meet! <3

Alisha Kashyap || Jewel Class of Fall 2017

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