I joined Texas Royals the Spring of my Freshman year, and it was honestly the best decision of my college career. I am a pretty shy person, and it takes a lot for me to try and get to know someone. With that being said, I wasn’t big on applying to any organizations my freshman year. My roommate actually had to convince me to go to a Royals info session. I was welcomed by a group of friendly and diverse girls. A couple of semesters later and I’m beyond glad that I went. Royals opened up so many opportunities for me and has given me some of my closest friends at UT. It has forced me to break my boundaries and try new things like exploring what the great city of Austin has to offer. Never did I imagine I’d be so cliché and say that I met friends through a sisterhood, but that’s exactly what happened. I met so many people my Jewel semester, two of which are my roommates this year!

Other than the social aspect of Texas Royals, I was really drawn to the philanthropy. As Royals, we work to raise money for the Darrel K Royal fund to support Alzheimer’s research. Alike many of the other girls in the organization, I have a family member suffering from this life-changing, incurable disease. My uncle was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s the year before I entered college. It’s hard watching someone you love go through confusion and it takes a huge toll on everyone involved. The fact that a group of girls dedicate their time to raise money to fund research and in addition to that, volunteer at a memory home really touched me. 

With all that being said, being a part of Texas Royals has been such a great experience for me, and I can’t wait to welcome home new members this semester!

Gaby Tohill || Spring 2017 Jewel Class