Have Fun With It

"Like most business students, I came to UT thinking I would be a Finance major and go into investment banking or consulting. I quickly realized that finance, accounting, and MIS were not the right track for me. Marketing sounded like a fun and broad course of study, which led me to declare that as my major. Realistically speaking, I wouldn’t say that it’s a super exciting major or that I love it, but I wanted to remain in McCombs and this allowed me to do so.

I took Interpersonal Communication Theory with John Daly and fell in love. I knew that if I only had my Marketing major I would have graduated a year and a half early, which I didn’t want to do, so I took this opportunity to add a major I was truly interested in: Corporate Communications. I love that both of my majors allow me to explore a broad range of career paths and opportunities.

Looking for an internship is hard and time consuming, but definitely possible. I found both of mine through networking opportunities at company events. Last summer (2017), I interned with HEB as an HR Partner Development intern. It was a great opportunity with a fantastic company, but not the right path for me. This summer I worked for Indeed as a Product Marketing intern, and to say that I have loved it would be an understatement. Everything about this company and role is what I have been looking for and I’m excited to see where I go next!

My advice for internships is to consider what you want to get out of it - is it a full-time offer, rounding out your work-experience, or something else? If you can start to narrow down what you want, it will be easier to identify companies and opportunities that might be a good fit. Try to take everything as a learning opportunity and not to take rejections personally. This isn’t easy but unfortunately is the reality when hundreds of people are applying to the same position as you. Most of all, have fun with it! An internship is a glimpse into a potential career path and you only get so many opportunities to do this, so take advantage of them."

Masha Savelieva || Marketing || Corporate Communications


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