Royals Make You Feel at Home

"As I go into my third year at UT, I look back at little, freshman Brittany just wanting to find her place on this campus, and I definitely found it through Royals. It is so cliché to say, but it is 100% true! There are so many diverse people at this school, and everyone wants to find where they belong.

I came across Royals at Party on the Plaza. To be honest, I had no clue what a spirit group was, but the girls tabling were super sweet and welcoming (plus they had super cute shirts). From the info session, pre-tailgate, and throughout the application process, all the girls showed interest in us and they cared that we were there.

I have met some of my best friends in this organization! Since there is so much diversity in our group, whenever you want to do something, like a concert or eat dinner, there’s always someone down to go with! The girls just make you feel at home.

Another thing that drew me to Royals was their philanthropy: the DKR Alzheimer’s Research Fund. My great-grandma had this disease, and without a cure, it is heartbreaking to watch, but Royals pushes to spread awareness and fundraise for the cause. I truly LOVE volunteering at Querencia, an assisted living facility, because you see how much your two-hour interaction with these residents matters!

I am co-social chair this semester. I love meeting new people and making conversation; whether it’s about how we walk like 5 miles a day just for classes (it’s truly a workout), basketball (GO SPURS), or what I’m currently binge watching on Netflix (Friday Night Lights). I just think it is important to build relationships with people even if you talk to a stranger for 5 minutes. I also think it is so fun planning events! Like we get to plan whatever/however many events (as budget allows) as we want and it’s all up to us? Heck yes! Plus my co is pretty lit.

Join Royals, find your home, and live royally."

Brittany Inouye || Fall 2018 Social Co-Chair