Texas Royals Blog

Looking for a fun group to join on campus? Interested in joining the fight against Alzheimer’s? Read on, you’ll find testimonials from the girls themselves about how great it is to #liveroyally.


Royals is…

A Texas Royal is many things…compassionate, courteous, respectful, hard-working, but also fun and down-to-earth. Get to know what Royals means to it’s loyal members.


Letters from exec

Every semester, we select a new board of executive members to lead and run our organization. As we welcome a new class of members each semester, we invite you to explore the advice and thoughts our exec board has to offer.


Royals at Work

In Texas Royals, we strive for community involvement in the form of volunteering, leadership in other organizations, and career development. Read on to see what Royals are doing in and around the Austin community.